You Were Born to Win, So Suck It Up Buttercup


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The church is a living, breathing organism. It sees, hears, feels, touches and tastes, because the church is not just a place, the church is you. Come home wounded warriors. 

Joseph Woodley is a public speaker and the author of many inspirational faith-based literary works which include, 'You Were Born to Win So, Suck it Up Buttercup' and 'Return Home Wounded Warriors: The Church is You'.

Joseph and 
his wife reside in the Columbus, Ohio region with their son. He is an advocate for effective leadership development from the cradle to the grave. His is an agent for positive social and spiritual change in the lives of individuals, families and communities. His commitment to his faith, family and community are preeminent factors in how he values people and conducts himself and the affairs of his daily life. 

His books address relevant cultural and spiritual topics including faith, fatherhood, leadership and family, as pillars of restoring the lives of individuals and healing for the nation, through the lens of sound biblical principles. He has been a keynote speaker and presenter for numerous events and organizations. Joseph 
has also been a special guest on numerous nationally syndicated broadcasts.

Mr. Woodley has partnered with institutions of learning (public/charter schools, universities), community groups and churches (denominational and non-denominational) providing necessary tools and resources to increasing the capacity of individuals to walk in purpose and fulfill their god-given destiny.  

The essential guide to turning whiners into winners, and losers into leaders'

For people seeking effective practical solutions and strategies to make the necessary course corrections to overcome life's challenges; transitioning... to a world of embracing your dreams, achieving your goals and fulfilling
your vision.


Author | Motivational Speaker | Community Leader