"Your program is very informative. I definitely will be able to us what you taught in order to implement my goals."- American Electric Power Leadership and Team Development Trainee

"... He pays special attention to your particular needs and personal goals, and he develops the best plan to get you where you want to be. He is also a man of great character who you can trust to assist you in beginning and enjoying your new life"! A. Gibbs- Ohio History Connection

"...I like that you were very energetic in the class involvement in your presentation. You also shared life experiences in which made me think about my mindset and what i needed to change in order to be successful."- Columbus City Schools Student

"...Sharing about your life and where you came from really opened my eyes for what I want to do in the future."- Columbus City Schools Student

**Latest Book Release**


The church is a living, breathing organism. It sees, hears, feels, touches and tastes, because the church is not just a place, the church is you. Come home wounded warriors. 


Author and Inspirational Public Speaker, Joe Woodley partners with faith-based organizations, businesses, community groups, non-governmental organizations, and educational institutions to equip leaders and teams with the skills they need to flourish through the unique challenges presented in today’s high-performance environment. Joe Woodley provides programming and resources that emphasize character, integrity, leadership, support, and accountability to inspire and transform those communities to attain their full potential.  

  • Empowering Public Speaking Programs  
  • Community Partnering Opportunities  
  • Innovative Leadership Support and Team Development  
  • Character Development  
  • Effective Curriculum-Based Support and Training 

His literary works which include, 'You Were Born to Win So, Suck it Up Buttercup' and 'Return Home Wounded Warriors: The Church is You'.

has also been a special guest on numerous nationally syndicated broadcasts.

You Were Born To Win So, Suck It Up Buttercup: The essential guide to turning whiners into winners, and losers into leaders'

For people seeking effective practical solutions and strategies to make the necessary course corrections to overcome life's challenges; transitioning... to a world of embracing your dreams, achieving your goals and fulfilling
your vision.


When It Really Counts: Leading When No One Is Watching

Inspirational leadership and team development speaker and coach, Joe Woodley, shares the holistic curriculum he uses to enhance strengths, overcome weaknesses and augment productivity of the organizations and individuals he coaches and mentors.  

The tools in this workbook will give you the confidence to be a more proactive, productive and prolific leader in your personal, professional, and spiritual life.