You were Born to Win,

So Suck it Up Buttercup
The essential guide to turning whiners into winners, and losers into leaders'

For people seeking effective practical solutions and strategies to make the necessary course corrections to overcome life's challenges; transitioning... to a world of embracing your dreams, achieving your goals and fulfilling
your vision.


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When It Really Counts:

Leading When No One Is Watching

Inspirational leadership and team development speaker and coach, Joe Woodley, shares the holistic curriculum he uses to enhance strengths, overcome weaknesses and augment productivity of the organizations and individuals he coaches and mentors.  

The tools in this workbook will give you the confidence to be a more proactive, productive and prolific leader in your personal, professional, and spiritual life.

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The church is a living, breathing organism. It sees, hears, feels, touches and tastes, because the church is not just a place, the church is you. Come home wounded warriors. 

NO GENERALS IN THE HOUSE: Faith, Facts and Fatherhood

Men of God, it's time to stand up! You have been equipped through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to invade the enemy’s camp and destroy the strategies he has used against you and your family. God has already promised you the victory if you would just choose to stand up and fight. You cannot win the war for your children and your children’s children wishing for a change to come. You can’t be a father from the sidelines and you cannot be the man you have been called to be, sitting on the sidelines, disengaged from reality. The general is the most senior rank. He is responsible for major areas of command which include, combat readiness, training and supervision. The general is the leader of whatever home he serves. He takes responsibility whenever things are good and he does the same whenever things appear to be going bad. The general does not abandon his post because he understands that his subordinates look up to him and rely on him to be their leader.

MY HOME IS NOT A DEMOCRACY: 10 Commandments for Parents Who Refuse to Compromise their Children's Future

The systematic strategy for dismantling and destroying the family unit and the God-given potential for greatness we each carry within us is no longer knocking at your door. We can no longer take the posture of back- seat drivers; reacting as if we are helpless kidnapped- passengers being dragged along for the ride by an oversized bully, incapable or unwilling to make the choices necessary to maintain the character and integrity of the home. Whether you are a two- parent home or a single- parent home, the choices we face are still the same. We can either choose to fold up our tents and raise the white flag of surrender or we can choose to stop complaining about everything that is wrong with the world and fight. If you want to win and you refuse to compromise the future of your child to a world bent on promoting the worst in your child instead of getting the best out of them, then keep reading. 'My Home is Not A Democracy' draws a line in the sand, offers sound strategies for effective parenting and challenges every reader to stand your ground and fight for the future of your families!