The Fatherhood Foundation is the vision of Author, Speaker and Community Activist Joseph Woodley. Joseph has been a mentor to young men and families through various organizations.

The Fatherhood Foundation, Inc. was birthed in 2016 and is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Conferences and meetings take place in cities and towns across America.

The Fatherhood Foundation, Inc. is a community of strong Christian believers, seasoned leaders and skilled professionals, many who have overcome their own battles with rejection and abandonment. These men are devoted husbands and fathers- dedicated to helping restore men and the generations which follow.

 The Fatherhood Foundation, provides mentorship to men, and empowers them to be more effective through use of various skill- building resources (conferences, small groups, social media, books and video).

The Fatherhood Foundation addresses the question, “What does it mean to be a father?” from a holistic point of view.

Foundation Principles


Government agencies and private entities have studied the impact absentee- fathers have on the social, spiritual and economic constructs of families and the communities they reside in.  The breakdown of families, in part, due to the disillusionment of fathers living at home and/ or actively participating in the social, spiritual and psychological welfare of children has been linked to many of the social- ills in society today.

In 1960, 8% of children lived in homes without a father.
By 2012, that number soared to 25% (U.S. Census).
The numbers are more staggering when examining demographic breakdowns. Homes and communities where fathers are absent and uninvolved suffer greater economic, social and psychological strain than those with both a father and mother living together.

Children suffer most when fathers are not present and accounted for.

The Fatherhood Foundation works to help fathers become better men, helping ensure each child is granted the best opportunities possible for a better tomorrow.

The Fatherhood Foundation partners with parents, churches, businesses, community groups and educational institutions to mentor men; through demonstrating good character, integrity, sharing essential leadership and life skills and creating an atmosphere of trust and accountability designed to develop strong fathers.

The Fatherhood Foundation, sponsors life changing conferences, small groups and mentoring teams specifically designed for men. These safe, faith-based environments are essential to the success of each man in his pursuit of being a healthy, loving father to his children and a leader in his home.